Getting on track

With the baseboards basically finished it’s now time to start laying some track at last. This will be done with three objectives.

The first objective is to lay the inner loop of the double mainline. This will at least give me a circuit that I can run trains on. To this end, I have bought all the points and flexitrack that I need to achieve this.

The second objective is to lay the single track branchline, and any track to the rear of the layout. This will be part of a general strategy of working from back to front, so as not to damage work already done.

The third, and final, objective is to lay the remaining track at the front of the layout.

Today I have been working on two aspects of track laying. Firstly, on the brachline, I have laid some of the track on the ‘down’ incline. Secondly, on the double mainline, I have been laying the track from ‘Stone Wharf’ through the tunnel to ‘Crossdale’.

This composite ‘aerial’ image shows the track laid so far, and how this accommodates the loft hatch.

This view, of what will eventually be ‘Crossdale’ station, shows
the tunnel track emerging in the foreground.

Another view of ‘Crossdale’ and the inclines, but looking back
in the other direction.


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