Back tracks and landmarks

The track laying continues today. Firstly the backmost incline, climbing from ‘Dalesmouth’ up to ‘Dales Peak’. I want to get this track laid so that it doesn’t hold up landscaping and scenery later on. I also laid a couple of other pieces of track. Most significantly, I have completed the innermost circuit of the double mainline, which means I will soon be able to run the first trains.

Track laying on the backmost incline. This is a view that will not easily be seen when the layout is finished.

This corner, where the inclines curve over the double mainline, will all be hidden beneath landscape eventually.

Here is as far as I have laid today. I don’t like to lay too much in one go because I am gluing sections down rather than pinning them through the sleepers.

Also today I’ve spaced and secured the second line through ‘Crossdale’ station.

At last… track all the way round. In this shot you can just see how I’ve pinned sections temporarily until the glue sets.

Finally, I couldn’t resist hooking up the Lenz ‘Compact’ controller to the track and running the Class 170 Turbstar for the first time. OK, it couldn’t go very far because I haven’t started wiring properly, but it was still a landmark occasion.


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