Track schematic for DCC control panel

I’ve been working on a track schematic for the DCC system recently. This is purely a visual interpretation of the layout for control purposes only.

As I have mentioned before I am using the JMRI (Java Model Railroad Interface) software. The JMRI project provides several applications that are optimized for specific purposes… ‘DecoderPro’ and ‘PanelPro’ being the main two.

This schematic is for use in ‘PanelPro’ which is the software that actually controls the layout. One of the things that attracted me to the JMRI project was the fact that you can create how the finished panel looks. It might not be that important to everyone, but I earn my living as a graphic designer, so it matters to me.

Click on the image for larger view.

Track occupancy will be shown by changing the colour of the track. The normal, ‘unoccupied’, state will be shown as grey track, like that above. ‘PanelPro’ detects and displays three other states as follows:

‘ACTIVE’ – The section of track contains all or part of a train. I have choosen to display this in yellow. Here, all of the track is coloured yellow, ready to be broken up into individual sections for ‘PanelPro’.

UNKNOWN – The program does not know the status of a section. This is typically because the program has just started up and hasn’t seen a message from the section yet.

INCONSISTENT – An error has occured, but without being specific as to what error.

I have also created a page about the track schematic on Dales Peak and updated many other pages on the site.


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