DecoderPro… going loco


With my Hornby Class 60 on the programming track it’s time to enter its details into ‘DecoderPro’.

I have already set up the preferences, so now when I launch ‘DecoderPro’ I get the opening screen which asks whether I want to use the programming track (‘Service Mode’) or program on the main track (‘Operations Mode’).


Choosing the ‘Service Mode’ opens the Programmer Setup screen.

Because there is a wide variety of decoders that have different features and capabilities, it is necessary to set up the programmer for the specific decoder installed in the Class 60.

Clicking on the ‘Ident’ button prompts ‘DecoderPro’ to attempt to identify the decoder in the locomotive.


On this occasion ‘DecoderPro’ identified the decoder as one of the Lenz family, but not which one. Fortunately, I was able to lend a hand at this point because I know it’s a LE1025.

With the correct decoder found the ‘Open Programmer’ button becomes active and clicking on this opens the Roster Entry screen.


The ‘DecoderPro’ roster is simply a database of all locomotives that ‘DecoderPro’ has programmed. ‘DecoderPro’ stores the decoder configuration information in the roster along with the additional identity information which I have entered for the Class 60.