Something for the ‘track-tracker’ to track

Click on the image for larger view.

Having created the track progress visual, I thought I would give it something to do. Hence, some track laying.

Because I am gluing the track in place, rather than pinning it, I prefer to lay short sections of track and allow them to glue before adding more. This is the result of the latest track laying session, with the new sections highlighted in red.

Starting at the bottom left of the diagram, I have laid the curve of track leading to the viaduct from ‘Overdale Quarry’.

Also to the left, I have extended the rearmost incline, under where the viaduct will be, towards ‘Dalesmouth’.

To the right of the diagram, I have extended the same incline in the opposite direction, up towards ‘Dales Peak’.

And finally, towards the top of the visual, I have continued the return incline down towards ‘Dalesmouth’. Holding it in place with some improvised weights.