The ‘Permanent way’ progesses

I’m going to run out of titles for track laying soon! Yep, a ‘smidge’ more track has been laid and these are my essential tools for the job.

My rotary tool with cutting disc, for trimming track, along with protective safety glasses – essential! Also PVA wood glue, a plastic knife for spreading it, and thin polystyrene insulation, which comes as a roll. I cut the polystyrene into strips and use it as an underlay.

Step 1 – Apply glue to baseboard, following the pre-printed guide. The strip of polystyrene in the foreground has been slit approximately every 25mm so that it will follow the curve of the track.

Step 2 – Press the strip of polystyrene into place.

Step 3 – Finally, after applying more glue to the polysyrene, position the track and hold in place temporarily with pins until glued.