Overdale Quarry… Take 4

I have started to consider how the ‘Overdale Quarry’ loading facility is going to fit into the landscape… and not for the first time. As I have mentioned before this is fourth layout I’ve started, with 3 previous aborted attempts. All of these featured a quarry.

I’ve had the structure for ‘Overdale Quarry’ for a while now and originally bought it for ‘Dales Peak MkII’. The building is a Walthers kit from their Cornerstone Series(R) called ‘Glacier Gravel Company’. Although this is an American kit I was able to buy it in the UK from Mac`s Model Railroading, who were very prompt and helpful.

The first layout this quarry building appeared on.
This is ‘Overdale Quarry’, in it’s first incarnation, on the ‘Dales Peak MkII’ layout.

The current loft layout is ‘Dales Peak MkIV’ and this time the quarry building sits above ‘Dalesmouth’ station on the second level.

'Overdale Quarry' above 'Dalesmouth' station.
‘Dalesmouth’ station in the foreground and a test fitting of ‘Overdale Quarry’ above.

Trying out 'Overdale Quarry'.
Viewing the other side with the conveyor only temporarily placed.

An adjustment to the fit will be needed.
The track marked out in the foreground should be clear of the building. Which means an adjustment to the depth of the structure will be needed so that it sits over the back two tracks.

Finally, to give an idea of how the finished article might look I did a quick mock-up in Photoshop.

Without the Photoshop treatment.
Firstly as seen now.

And with some Photoshop magic.
And with a quarry montage faked-up in Photoshop in the background.