Dalesmouth Viaduct

In my last post I mentioned the viaduct which will be blended into the down incline. At the moment there is just a flying trackbed, and a gap where the ‘Dalesmouth’ viaduct should be. So I have decided that this would benefit from a little visual help until the real thing can be modelled.

Cut-out of the 'Dalesmouth' viaduct tacked in place.

I have already started work on some scale drawings of various buildings, that I will be scratch building, for the layout. So this is an ideal time to also produce some drawings of the ‘Dalesmouth’ viaduct and with these produce a rough cut-out of the bridge.

Rolling stock in place on 'Dalesmouth' viaduct.

The next stage will be to produce a 3D cut-out of the viaduct to put in place. This is a quick way of populating the layout with structures that will take much more time to produce for real.

'Dalesmouth' viaduct is based on a viaduct at Miller's Dale in Derbyshire.

The design of the bridge is based on one of the two viaducts at Miller’s Dale in Derbyshire. The proportions have been adjusted slightly because the prototype is a double track bridge and significantly longer.

Checking the proportions of 'Dalesmouth' viaduct.

Placing the rolling stock on the bridge helps me to check whether the proportions look right. These JGA hopper wagons are typical of the freight traffic that will use this line from the ‘Overdale Quarry’ facility.

A close-up of the 'Dalesmouth' viaduct printout in place.

The scale drawings were drawn up in Macromedia FreeHand 8 and printed out on a number of A4 sheets and then assembled to create the full visual.

Another close-up of the 'Dalesmouth' viaduct visual.

As I finish the scale drawings for the layout my intention is to put them up on the DalesPeak.co.uk website for modellers to download, starting with the ‘Dalesmouth’ viaduct. The structures will be specific to Dales Peak, but I’m sure that other scratch builders can make use of them as they stand, or by adapting them.


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