The shape of things to come

In my last post I created the bones of the landscape on the ‘Dales Peak’ side of the layout. Now I have covered that skeleton with a skin of newspaper strips soaked in a Polyfilla mix.

Looking down on the landscaped area.
The result is an instant transformation. As before, it is easy to start to see the shape of things to come. As you can see, there is still a lot of track to be laid, but I like to vary the work as I go.

Low level view of the landscaping.
The top edge of the landscaping is still very linear at the moment, but I will break this up with more contouring as the landscaping progresses. In the foreground a Class 60 sits on the ‘Dales Peak’ branchline. This load of aggregate hoppers is more typical of the trains that will use this line, rather than the Class 170 shown in the last post. Still, it looked good.

Low level view in the opposite direction
Finally. From the other direction, at the rear of the train, looking towards the ‘Dales Peak Cement’ works on the skyline.


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