Over the hills and Father away

I was blessed this Father’s Day with two very rewarding presents, a tripod for my camera and the four turnouts I need to be able to complete a full circuit of the ‘Dales Peak’ branchline trackwork. I also got to spend some time in the loft.

Father\'s Day presents... a tripod and 4 turnouts
The tripod will come in very useful, particularly for close work. The turnouts, however, will move on to my ‘to do’ list, for the moment.

In the loft, on Father’s Day, I continued with the construction of the tunnel and hill between ‘Overdale Quarry’ and ‘Dalesmouth’ viaduct. As things progress I have found it increasingly necessary to give each feature of the layout its own name. I think this is driven by the need to describe elements in the narrative. So, henceforth, this tunnel shall be known as ‘Overdale Tunnel’ or ‘Tunnel No.2’ on the ‘Dales Peak’ branchline, if you prefer.

Starting the waterfall
There are two things to note about this image. The first is the where I have removed the Thermawrap foil insulation and taken it over the top of the scenic backboard. This is all part of the longer term loft preparation. The result is a noticable condensation stain where the insulation used to be.

The second is where I have begun the steps of the waterfall, to the right. (Oh no! I’m probably going to have to think of a name for that too.)

Slowly extending the landscape
It’s a slow’ish process, but gradually the landscape expands.


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