Testing and tunnelling

The recent landscaping has all been construction and, as yet, I haven’t tried adding a surface to it. That changed today with a brief test to see how the ‘eggbox’ construction would take a skin – or should that be shell. Truth be told, I couldn’t wait any longer to see something that more resembled a hillside.

The landscape construction before covering.
So here we are with a reminder of how the landscaping looks ‘pre-experiment’.

The hillside with a test surface covering.
And now, with a test covering of newspaper strips coated in a Polyfilla mix. Again, I’m pleased with the results. The ‘eggbox’ lends itself well to lapping the strips into the voids and then continuing with the surface in sections. It is easy, therefore, to test the technique this far and then continue with the surfacing task when the complete structure is finished.

The creative beginnings of the \'Overdale Quarry\' end of the tunnel.
Back to the construction side of landscaping, however. Before I get too carried away with the ‘Dalesmouth’ viaduct end of ‘Overdale Tunnel’, I need to create the tunnel entrance at the ‘Overdale Quarry’ end. Which is what you see here. I am also testing clearances as I go.

The tunnel entrance at the \'Overdale Quarry\' end.
Once again the trusty hot melt glue gun is pressed into service. The construction is quite rough, but it can be. Not much of the tunnel interior will be visible when landscaping is finished. I just need to create the impression of dark tunnel walling.


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