Rocky horror…

Having worked on the ‘Overdale Quarry’ loading facility I have now moved on to the surrounding scenery. I am starting at the ‘Overdale Tunnel’ entrance and will work back to the quarry. I thought I would begin by trying out a couple of rocks from my homemade mould.

Using a hacksaw to cut the mould into sections
I partially cut through the rock on the reverse of the mould using a hacksaw. Then I snapped the rock into sections. The idea being that I could alter their orientation to vary their appearance and the perception of repartition.

The rock mould snapped into sections
I continued this process until I had a collection of sections ready to use.

The first piece of rock glued in place
The first piece was glued in place using my hot melt glue gun…

More pieces added
…then some more pieces and…

The last pieces added
…some more pieces.

It was at this point the true horror of what I had started hit me. With the sheer amount of cliff face scenery to do, this was going to take forever. Time to look at alternatives and I remember reading an article in one of the railway modelling mags which I’m going to have to revisit.


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