I’m back… job done!

Dalesmouth Viaduct - Abutment 'B'

At last, I’m back in front of my computer in hobby mode! The illustrated parts manuals I was working on are completed, for the Christmas period at least.

I went up to the loft yesterday, just to remind myself what it looked like. It was Freezing! Way too cold to stay up there. Just did a quick recce and came back down again. So, for the moment, I’m going to content myself with modelling downstairs, in the warm.

My first thoughts are to get back to making the ‘Dalesmouth Viaduct’. The bridge structure is more or less completed. The next stage I want to tackle is the abutments. I’ve started by going back to my drawings, to work out how to make them. On the drawing above you can see where I’ve started to identify the different basic pieces to be cut, by colour coding them. These will then be laminated together to form the finished structure.

I’m going to carry on doing this drawing for now. Hopefully I can start putting up some pictures of the build soon. Watch this space!


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