Thinking the unthinkable…

I can’t believe I’m even thinking about this, let alone considering it. What am I on about! starting again, that’s what I’m on about. Apart from the cabin fever unbalancing my mind, while I am stuck inside because of all this snow, the last post I did about progess over the past three years got me to thinking. What if I carry on at this speed and then have to move house before I’ve finished.

So what, you might think. All my work to that point would be stuck in the loft, that’s what. The idea of having to start from scratch, at a much more advanced point in the future, fills me with dread. So, much better to consider a change of direction now, before I get too far into the project.

I’ve been aware of the concept of FREMO (or FREE-MO, if your American) for a while and although I’m not thinking of adhering to FREMO standards the idea of building a modular model railway may hold the answer.

Fremo end profile
Fremo end profile
A couple of the standard FREMO end profiles.

As I have sat here thinking about it, and surfing the net looking at FREMO modules, the pros do seem to be out numbering the cons.

If I build ‘Dales Peak’ as modules not only can it be removed from the loft to another location, but individual modules could be worked on outside of the loft. For instance, airbrushing track etc. could be done in a more ventilated space.

Another advantage would be the depth of the modules. At the moment I struggle to work on certain areas towards the back of the layout. It’s a bit of a reach. Built as modules, either the front module could be removed to allow access, or the rear module could be worked on separately. Space, too, could be gained by not having all the modules erected all of the time.

The more I think about it the more I can see myself doing it. I must be mad!!!

A rough idea of how the 'Dales Peak' layout could be broken up into modules
A rough idea of how the ‘Dales Peak’ layout could be broken up into modules.


2 thoughts on “Thinking the unthinkable…

  1. Very interesting – it’s probably a good idea. Modular layouts do have a lot of advantages, but some disadvantages too. Are you thinking of building it modular (i.e. modules can in theory be set up in different configurations) or sectional (only one possible configuration)? I’d be very impressed if you could make a complex layout like this modular, rather than sectional – I think it might be possible, but it’ll be a challenge. If you can connect a couple of modules up and operate them (with a fiddleyard perhaps) then you could take them to an exhibition, or if you moved house have something you could operate while you were sorting out a permanent home for the layout.

    • Yes, I agree, it would be great if I could make the layout modular, though I doubt I could do it in its present configuration. The thought did cross my mind that I could have alternative modules that I could swap around to add variety. For example, I quite fancied a steel works scene but have no room. However, may be I could swap the cement works out for a steel works when the mood takes me if I make it modular.

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