No more free lunch… at Heart Internet


Way back in March 2007, when the whole Dales Peak project began, I registered the domain name and set up a website. I only did this because I wanted Dales Peak to be visible on the ‘UK Modern’ webring and I couldn’t add the webring link to this ‘Dales Peak’ Blog site. The ‘’ site was effectively a sign post to this blog, which is where it all happens and, apart from the domain name, it didn’t cost me a penny to run. Until now that is!

The site was hosted free by Heart Internet, but now they have decided to drop their free hosting on the 31st May 2010 and want their free hosting clients to upgrade to a paid for site. Well, is not a commercial site, it’s a hobby and I’m not prepared to pay for it, just to point to this blog site. Apart from that, I think this FREE WordPress blog site is well known enough now for me to drop the

So, come 31st May, I will let slip gently below the waves, never to be seen again. Or at least that’s my thinking at the moment.

I will probably reinstate the earlier entries of this site (which I archived to the site) so that the complete story from the beginning is told here and nowhere else.

Well, that’s it then. There is no such thing as a free lunch for so thanks for nothing, while it lasted, Heart Internet!


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