Happy New Year…

A tidy workbench for a change
A tidy workbench for a change

Took the opportunity over the festive break to have a bit of a tidy up. I’ve also managed the first modelling session of the year.

Started cutting down the LED's for the loading facility's interior lighting...
Started cutting down the LED’s for the loading facility’s interior lighting…

...and soldering the resistors and wiring
…and soldering the resistors and wiring


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year…

  1. Really impressed by layout – what size wire end ferrules do you use and where do you get them. I am still sorting out my loft so you have given me some heart to keep at it. I am using Lenz but have yet to finalise the track layout although I have a plan to include a lot of different levels as I think that the different track levels make it more interesting. I also noted your use of LDT items are they OK ?
    Many thanks for your excellent web page

    • Hi Edward,

      Glad you like the layout. The different levels idea appeals to me as well, but at the moment I’ll be happy to get even one level complete. In answer to your questions, I use the red 1.4mm ferrules for single wires and the blue 2.2mm ferrules if I’m crimping two wires. I get mine from Maplin’s. As for the LDT equipment, I use their RS-8 for block occupancy detection and it works fine. I’ve also got an LDT module for signalling, but I’ve not had chance to try this out yet.

      Good luck with your own layout.


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