Recycling baseboards… expanding the ‘Overdale Quarry’ module

Recycling old baseboards
Recycling old baseboards

I’ve started recycling what was salvaged from the old baseboards of ‘Dales Peak MkIV’, to expand the ‘Overdale Quarry’ module. To start, with I’m going to create the rear scenic module behind ‘Overdale Quarry’… (no track here!)

This rear module will be a lot narrower than the front. I’m going to bolt the front and back modules together permanently and landscape across the join, as if they were one. In the event that I ever do have to remove the layout from the loft, I will just have to settle for dealing with some remedial work across the join.

The existing 'Overdale Quarry' module was used to copy the contour for the rear scenic module... no track here!
The existing ‘Overdale Quarry’ module was used to copy the contour for the rear scenic module

My current thinking is that this rear module will also incorporate a backscene. I’m also toying with the idea of a Faller Car System ‘Set piece’, running around the quarry module, of a scratch built Caterpillar 777, or similar. It’s easy to imagine these things… more difficult to create them in the cold light of day, but aim high I say!


2 thoughts on “Recycling baseboards… expanding the ‘Overdale Quarry’ module

  1. Good plan having one module behind another. I’ve got a similar plan if I ever get round to making the loft suitable for a layout.

    • It’s all designed to avoid the trauma of having to start a “Dales Peak MkVI’. Good luck with the loft by the way.


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