Overdale Quarry… working out the quarry layout

Before I can finish the ‘Overdale Quarry’ rail load out building, I need to work out where all the other important elements of the quarry are in relation to it. Only then can I work out where the conveyor comes into the rear of the building. Which is why it’s got so far but not been finished (Honest!).

'Overdale Quarry' rail load out building under construction

So, I’ve been trying ideas out on the track plan over the Christmas break and this is the result. Of course, the building I’m most concerned with is No.4, the rail load out building, and now I can see where the conveyor needs to come in from.

Working out the layout of Overdale Quarry

1. Truck load out building
2. Final screening building
3. Secondary crushing and screening
4. Rail load out building
5. Primary stockpile
6. Primary crusher

I’ve also started working up some scale plans for the construction of the other buildings in Adobe Illustrator.

Secondary crushing and screening buildings 2 and 3

First to be worked on are the Final Screening (Building No.2) and the Secondary Crushing and Screening (Building No.3). The conveyor to the rail load out building will come from the far left lower level of Building No.2


2 thoughts on “Overdale Quarry… working out the quarry layout

    • Pleased you like the layout and hope you continue to enjoy the progress of quarry project. Good luck with your own plans too!

      Best wishes,


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