More on wiring the Lenz DCC programming track…

I’ve had a question from one of my regular followers about the wiring plan I did for the ‘in-layout’ programming track, an extract of which I include here…

‘Sorry to bother you but I seem to recall that you used to have a very comprehensive wiring plan for a programming track etc. but i can not find it on your web pages. Is it still available ? as I would like to have a look how you did it. I also remeber that you had found out that if you switch to the programming track the rest off the layout is dead, there was also a risk with the wheels bridging the insulated rail gap’.
Ted Sargent

Well Ted, this has been a topic which keeps coming up and I’ve been meaning to update my old wiring plan anyway. So, here it is:

Lenz Programming Track wiring plan updated

Lenz Programming Track wiring plan updated

My original inspiration for the wiring diagram was Joe Fugate (creator of the American HO ‘Siskiyou Line’ layout). I followed his wiring plan because I wanted to create a piece of track on the layout which I could use for programming, rather than having a separate stand alone programming track.

It wasn’t until after I had done this that I discovered that the Lenz system kills the power to the rest of the layout when in programming mode. This isn’t necessarily true of all DCC systems but it isn’t a big issue for me anyway and I’m happy to live with it, but it is worth pointing out for others. It does mean that the isolated sections either side are actually redundant as far as the Lenz system is concerned.

I hope this helps others planning to follow a similar solution.


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