Great Peaks Junction is just around the corner…

First module for 'Great Peaks Junction' temporarily supported
First module for ‘Great Peaks Junction’ temporarily supported

The remainder of the pile of recycled layout wood has now been assembled into the modules for ‘Great Peaks Junction’. This section is just around the corner from ‘Overdale Quarry’ and will be loosely base on Great Rocks Junction.

The second module for 'Great Peaks Junction' completes the span
The second module for ‘Great Peaks Junction’ completes the span

‘Great Peaks Junction’ will take the layout from ‘Overdale Quarry’, on one side of the loft, to ‘Dales Peak Cement Works’, on the other.

There’s a bit more structural work to be done on the modules, and their supporting woodwork, before they are ready for there tops. Once that’s done a lot more track can be laid and I might have something resembling a model railway back again, at last.


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