Rockface painting

Rockface painting at Overdale Quarry

Having carved some of the rockface detail, my next task was to bring it to life with some colour.

I sprayed the rockface detail with a base coat of grey primer

Before I began any real colouring I gave the rockface a coat of Tamiya spray paint (Haze Grey TS-32), to give a base colour. This also allowed me to easily see any detail I wasn’t happy with.

I coloured the rock texture with paints and pastels

The colouring of the rockface was done with a variety of medium. Visual references I’ve built up were used as a guide whilst I worked.

I started started the colouring with some Tamiya acrylic paints

I started by laying down some Tamiya acrylic paints (Buff XF-57, Desert Yellow XF-59 and Dark Yellow XF-60), seen here in my laser cut bottle stand. (I’m a bugger for knocking over liquid glue bottles, etc.)

The colour was built up with Reeves Water Colours

The effect was then built up by blending in Reeves water colours.

The surface was dusted with black and white pastel powders

To finish off I dusted the surface with a weathering of pastel powders of black and white.

I'm quite pleased with the rockface colouring so far

I’m quite pleased with the rockface colouring so far. Just a lot more of the same to do before I’ve got a quarry.


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