Conveyor progress…

Brass walkway fitted to the model conveyor section

More progress has been made on the first section of my laser cut kit of the belt conveyors. It’s not a job I can rush. I’m making sure all of the parts have had time to glue before moving onto the next stage.

Since last time I’ve fixed some of the belt rollers in place and added the side walkway. For this I’ve use some etched brass mesh rather than laser cut plastic. Still got to add the remaining rollers then attach the walkway handrail and the belt canopy.

Belt conveyor parts being drawn in SketchUp

Not everything has gone according to plan with the kit. There have been a couple of dimensional errors. That’s what can happen when you plan 3D dimensional objects in 2 dimensions.

Still, it’s not stopped me making the model. I’ve just had to adapt construction as I’ve gone along (Making notes to adjust the drawings before having anymore kits laser cut).

Also, (in a note to self) I’ve decided I need to work first in SketchUp, rather than Adobe Illustrator, when creating drawings for laser cutting (As illustrated above).


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