Track plan ‘umming and arring’

Dales Peak Cement track plan laid

As I wrote in my last post I have just about finalised the track plan for the southern end of the layout.

After much ‘umming and arring’ I’ve decided to run the ‘Overdale Quarry’ and ‘Dales Peak Cement Works’ together as one operation, working on same site. This is much as it is at Tunstead in Derbyshire, which has played a big influence on the layout.

This is the current track plan

This is the current track plan

As usual, the track plan tiles were printed out at actual size and glued down onto the baseboard. Other details of the track plan are still to be finalised. Until the remaining baseboard modules are built there’s really no hurry as far as I’m concerned.

Turnout positions may need adjusting

Now that the plans are in place, it is obvious that the turnout positions will need adjusting around the soil pipe. They are just a bit too close to the back of the baseboard, and where the backscene will hide the pipe.


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