Quarry sidings – block allocation #1

Allocating blocks to the quarry sidings

As I have started laying the point work for the quarry sidings I thought I had better work out the blocks for track occupancy detection. The detection will be done by the LDT RS-8 and the information passed to JMRI so that train positions can be rendered on the track diagram in PanelPro.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this so, I had to revisit my own post about it, from September 2009, ‘What a blockhead… assigning addresses to the LDT RS-8 in JMRI’, to refresh my memory.

Memory suitably refreshed, I returned to my track plan in Adobe Illustrator, and determined how to number the different track block sections. Now I’ve just got to wire up the physical connections to the LDT RS-8 as I lay the track.


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