Cabinet meeting

One of the new location cabinets in place on my Dales Peak layout

When I was experimenting with 3D printing recently, I mentioned using a .STL file of a OO gauge location cabinet that I was prepairing for 3d printing. Well, now it has been printed at Shapeways, and you can see the difference in resolution in the photo below. This meeting of cabinets demonstrates the huge difference, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The difference in resolution between 3d printing at Shapeways and what I can achieve on my Up Mini 3d printer

I know there are kits already available of location cabinets, but this exercise was more a case of ‘just because I can’. The Shapeways version of the cabinets are available to buy on the Scale Replicas Shapeways Shop for those who are interested. They are available as a set of 4.

The OO gauge location cabinets are available as a set of 4

They are printed in Shapeways ‘Frosted Extreme Detail’ to keep as much detail as possible. I’m really pleased with them, and I’m sure I will continue exploring the possibilities of 3d printing, at home and on Shapeways.


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