Déjà vu track plan

Dales Peak Track Plan - old track plan revisited

If you’re getting a sense of Déjà vu whilst looking at the track plan above, it’s because I’ve revisited the old Dales Peak track plan.

This is another alternative plan for the shed. I have only drawn it up roughly, to see if it would fit. There is still room for most of the original features, but it would obviously be smaller than the one I started in the loft.

This plan also features an operating well, but a much larger one than the ‘Loopy track plan’. This would obviously be easier to work on during construction, but still divides the shed.

In an ideal world I would like to have a gangway from one end of the shed to the other and leave about a quarter of the shed as work space. I’m struggling to design a layout that achieves that and still gives a continuous run, but may be I’m asking too much.

A dog bone layout would answer the brief, but even minimum radius loops still don’t leave much room. So, I think the layout will have to cut across the shed.


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