A dog with two bones – woof!

Dales Peak Track Plan - 2 folded dogbones

Continuing my musings on track plans for the shed, I have drawn up another rough concept featuring two folded dog bones. This does give me a gangway from one end of the shed to the other, but compromises the amount of space available for working in. I have left room for a longer workbench though and storage under the layout would be much more accessible than in ‘Loopy track plan’ or the ‘Déjà vu track plan’.

The plan gives a longer scenic route over two levels, but also compresses the depth of the layout from front to back in places, which might be slightly unrealistic. Visually though, it would open up the shed compared to the other designs.

Still plenty to think about and consider.


One thought on “A dog with two bones – woof!

  1. Now that the layout is to be housed in the shed why not venture outside with a mainline and create more space inside for detailed modelling you could even have a quarry in the garden😀 keep the posts coming!

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