If you’ve got the brass

The cab platform as supplied with the Ratio Traversing Crane kit

Stage 3 – Ratio Traversing Crane kit

Stage 3 of the Ratio Traversing Crane kit is the assembly of the control cab platform. This is all nicely moulded, but I wanted to take it up a notch, by giving it an etched brass tread plate.

I already had a sheet of etched brass mesh, from EMA Model Supplies, that would fit the bill. The only question was whether to try and cut away the moulded tread plate or fabricate the edging from scratch. In the end, because the fixings for the handrails were going to be difficult to recreate, I decided to cut up the original part.

Armed with a brand new 10A scalpel blade, I held my nerve and cut away. Luckily the job wasn’t as hard as I had first imagined, and was easily done in an evening.

Original plastic cab platform cut, and new brass part cut to replace it.

A replacement brass part was then cut from the sheet, and both parts were glued together to form the new platform. I think it really improves the look of the part. So now all I have to do is repeat the process for the top platform.

The finished and improved cab platform finished


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