The high ground

Benchwork supports in place to support the Greenwater Station baseboard

I’ve had a break from building track bed and started laying some solid ground. I started by fixing some upright supports to the benchwork, to take the baseboard of ‘Greenwater Wharf’ station. Yes, ‘Greenwater’ is the name I’ve settled on for the river and the wharf here. It’s already had a few different names up to now on the track plan, as some of you may have noticed.

Baseboard in place for Greenwater Station

With the ‘Greenwater Wharf’ station baseboard fixed in place, it becomes really obvious that the height of the benchwork starts with the lowest level, and that ground level is some 80mm higher. The grey circle on the baseboard indicates the position where the lighthouse is going to be.

Now, I know that we haven’t got any large wharfs with lighthouses in Derbyshire, where Dales Peak is set, but it’s called artistic license. It’s my layout, my way. So, there!

Greenwater Station baseboard


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