Bring on the Polystyrene

Building up the riverside landscape with polystyrene

Starting the landscape for the Greenwater River bridges

To give the bridges over the Greenwater River a place to live I’ve started adding the foundations for some landscape.

I’m using tried and tested Polystyrene as the basic building block. To start with I’m building up the lefthand riverside and the hillside around the tunnel.

Creating the hillside around the tunnel with polystyrene


2 thoughts on “Bring on the Polystyrene

  1. Glad to see you are making progress – as a suggestion you might find using the insulation material they use on houses instead of Polystyrene. It is a lot less mess, cuts really well and has fire proof qualities. There are various makes, Kings Span being one, and comes in sheets, just pull the aluminium backing off before you use it. Also glues really well.
    If there is any house building going on in your area, the skips are usually full of off cuts!
    I half been following your layout since the loft days, are you still planning on automating things? I am currently putting blocks into my layout as I have now gone down the Railroad & Co route which is hurting my brain at the moment, as there is so much to take on – but impressed with results to date. Extremely good series of Videos, 45 so far, about the system on YouTube by someone called Rudd. Worth a look if you can find the time.
    Keep up the good work and I enjoy your up dates as it keeps me motivated !!
    Ted Sargent

    • Hi Ted,
      I agree that the Kingspan type insulation would be preferable. I see it used a lot on US layouts. I just suddenly happened to have a lot of surplus polystyrene from recent packaging. When this is all gone I will probably go the Kingspan route.
      I do like the look of the Railroad & Co software and one of my early inspirations (The Electric Nose) used it. Being an Apple Mac guy, I liked the idea of JMRI because it would run on Mac as well as PC. I want to track down the videos you mentioned though and take a look.
      Really pleased that you have been following my progress since the loft days and find the up dates motivating. I’m hoping to make the most of my spare time and finish the construction of the layout this year.
      I hope you have as much fun with your own project as I do with mine. So, keep up the good work too!!
      Best regards,
      Ian Robins

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