Building Bridges… #6

Gluing the stone detail to  ‘Road Bridge 1’

Modelling ‘Road Bridge 1’ – Adding stone detail

Added another bit of stone detail to ‘Road Bridge 1’ today. This time I’ve turned to the laser cutter again to create the detail.

Using the laser cutter to score cut lines

The trouble with laser cutting HIPS plastic is that as it melts its way through the plastic it can create a lip on the surface of the cut. The thicker the material the more pronounced this can become. So, on this 1mm thick plastic I am just using the laser to score the cut lines. They don’t go all the way through, but give a score line that I can finish off with a scalpel.

The score line can be finished off with a scalpel

The Chinese K40 laser cutters vary so much in performance that it is very much down to the operator to figure out the best settings, of power and speed, for any given material. So, the settings I am recording below are a reminder to me, and are possibly of no use to anyone else.


I set the stone mortar lines to a 2pt thickness in CorelDraw and then rasterised them for engraving. The 1mm thick HIPS plastic was then engraved at 320mm/s @ 50% power. The cut line (which was set to hairline) was cut at 70mm/s @ 20% power.


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