Getting in shape

Landscaping around 'Crossdale Tunnel'

Landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’

I keep fitting in odd jobs while I’m waiting for other progress to finish gluing or drying. This time it’s the turn of the landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ and the ‘Greenwater Road Tunnel’. First I added a small piece of MDF where before there had been a hole. Then polystyrene was shaped and laminated to form a rough cliff face.

Hmmm. Now I’ve got to wait for that to glue!


4 thoughts on “Getting in shape

  1. I have started my new layout and am trying to base a China Clay quarry into it.I have researched buildings for the site but have come up with very little.
    I noticed that you built a loading facility building for your quarry and I wondered if you had any plans that you could share with me involving this construction or indeed anything else involving quarries. Many Thanks.

    • Hi, sorry for not replying sooner but work demands have kept me away from the blog recently.
      Unfortunately I don’t have any plans for the loading building. It was a conversion of the Walthers Glacier Gravel kit and was pretty much scratch built by eye.
      I do have some other quarry projects that I have started drawings for, but nothing finished.
      There is a page on the blog for scale drawings which I will update as I have drawings to put up.
      In the meantime I hope you have in great time researching and building your layout.
      Best wishes, Ian

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