In the beginning…

It all started with me thinking I’d like to take up model making again, something I hadn’t done since I was about 16.

I had always made military models when I was younger, but now I felt the need for another dimension… to make something that could be used once it was finished.

That’s when I remembered my father’s interest in railway modelling, something which I had grown up with. Railway modelling did have the extra dimension that you could run the models.

So, my mind made up, I started… and started again… and again. Three false starts in all. Twice in the front bedroom and once in the spare room.

Finally, frustrated by the size restrictions, I decided that the loft, although not ideal, would at least give me the space I was looking for.

Loft hatch and ladder installed.

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  1. this is on the wrong page but ive got a question where did you get your dwarf signal heads from and how much were they if you dont mind me asking as i want to make some 🙂 thx

  2. hey there

    I was wondering if you have any more detailed pictures of your loft and how/what you did so that you could use it for a model railway?


  3. Hi Phil,

    All of the posts and pictures about the loft can be found under the ‘Select Category’ menu and choosing ‘Preparing the loft’. In a nutshell all I did to make the loft usable was lay loft boards, get electric into the loft for light and power and finally line the loft with a foil insulation.


    1. Hi Phil,

      When you get the ‘Archive for the ‘Preparing the loft’ Category’ it list all the relevant articles , one at a time, with a ‘previous article’ link below. If you click on the title of the post it will take you to the article.
      You can then use your browser back button to return and select previous articles. Hmmm, clear as mud! Sounds more complicated than it is though.

      Hope that helps

  4. thanks Ian

    found it ok, are you bothered with dust in the attic, do you do all your wood cutting in the attic, i have been cutting some floor boards and dust was quiet bad! What about your insulation have you covered this up completely?
    thanks again

    1. Hi Phil,

      I’ve not noticed a huge problem with dust in the loft and any serious wood cutting I do outside of the loft. The insulation has been covered up by the boarding I’ve put down, but I’ve not boarded the loft right to the edges anyway.


  5. I’ve recently started model railway as a hobby and I’m wondering how to start, I’ve made a part of one with all the scenery but its only a part. I’ve planned a model railway but not sure now.

    1. Hi Jasper,

      Getting started is never easy, but worth it once you get going. I started by deciding on where I could build a layout, which in my case was the loft. This then dictated the size I could build. I wanted a ‘tail chaser’ rather than an ‘end-to-end’.

      Next stage for me was planning what I wanted to include, like a quarry, cement works etc. then drawing up a track plan on the computer. Once all that was decided I started to build the baseboards and create the layout.

      I’ve always found that once you start the plan can change, as you think of things, but that is part of the fun for me.

      Hope that helps and I wish you luck with your own project.


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