The bridges of the lower loop reinstalled

What happened to October

No, I haven’t gone through October without a drink. I’ve just managed to go through October without a single blog post. Not intentionally, you understand. It just worked out that way.

This doesn’t mean, however, that nothing happened on Dales Peak. For a start, I did give the blog a shiny new logo, based on an old railway poster of Monsal Dale.

I also fulfilled my promise to reinstall the bridges on the lower loop and got this bit of the track back into running order. It is so satisfying to be able to run an engine around a complete loop again.

The DCC system I’m running has also had a rebirth, but that’s another story!

Grey Spray

Unmasking the road

The newspaper masking has been removed from the road and the surface colour is much more even now. It is a good flat finish which I can weather at a later date. Which is a good job, as I have grown impatient with the layout’s progress and want to get the track back into running order. So the bridges are going to be installed and weathered in situ.

Read all about it

Spray painting the roadway

Well I could have called this post ‘A better grey’ but that would be too dull… ta-da.

I wasn’t getting the flat finish on the road surface that I was looking for, so I decided to use a spray can on it. A can of Humbrol primer to be exact. Usefully, I had been given a free model railway newspaper with a recent purchase. I used this to mask off all the landscape around the road and avoid any overspray.

After several coats of paint, with drying time between each, I was finally happy with the result.

A better green

Applying the base colour to the river

Throwing caution to the wind, I broke open my piggy bank and went paint shopping the other day. What I came back with was a better green acrylic paint, to use as a base colour for the river. Not so St Patrick’s Day anymore.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here though. I have got no intention of adding any resin water finishes just yet. I want all of the harbour done before I start doing anything like that.


Finished shed interior

That’s it, I’m calling it done!

At last, after three years of fitting out, I’m finally calling the shed finished! There may be a bit more painting to be done but, essentially it is kitted out with all the storage, etc. that I need.

There have been quite a few distractions recently (Work, DIY projects, holidays and so on), but now I’m ready to get back to modelling.

The final addition which completed the shed was the storage on the end wall. Until recently I was using some temporary units, but now I have built some custom units of my own. Carpenter I am not, but they will do.

Custom storage units

Four new units in all, wrap around the corner and step up over the highest point of the layout. Everything is finally getting a home.

A lick of paint

The road gets an undercoat

The road gets an undercoat

I’ve given the road surface a lick of paint so that I can better see those pesky pot holes. When it’s dry I will be able to do a bit of filling and smoothing before putting on the top coat.

Road works

Skimming the road surface

Skimming the road surface

As promised, the road has been given a skim of Polyfilla to bury the magnetic tape. It is going to need light some sanding and a few potholes filling. I might apply to central government for a grant to do that. Although I might leave it as it is. It would be more it realistic.

Paving the way

Hole filing with Vallejo Plastic Putty

Hole filling with Vallejo Plastic Putty

Like me, I’m sure you’ve got bored with the ‘Abutments’ title series. So, back to a good ol’ pun.

Just a quick task today, but all keeps the project moving. There were a few unsightly holes in the paving and the curb tone edging. Time to try out my latest purchase – Vallejo Plastic Putty. Something that I came across on Vallejo’s YouTube channel.

Having watched there tutorial video I thought this was a good time to try it out. It was very easy to use and the fine pointed nozzle was really good for application. I’m pleased with the results so far.

Abutments No.8

Curb stones added

Curb stones added

I’ve finished adding the curb stones to the pavement and given one side its first coat of paint. The paving will need weathering in and the road still needs a skim of Polyfilla to finish it off.

Pavement painted

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