Half way there

Half of Crossdale Tunnel bridge assembled

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #4

Well that’s the first half of Crossdale Tunnel bridge assembled and no, I’m not ‘living on a prayer’. Now I’ve ironed out the wrinkles it’s on to the second half. I’ve just got to laser cut another set of parts.


Railing against the bridge

Railings laser cut for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #3

For the railings on the sides of the bridge I have used two materials. Firstly, I have laser cut a framework of 1mm MDF to support the decorative ironwork. Secondly, the lattice railings are laser cut from thin card. Again, these are a simplification of the real thing but, hopefully, will capture the character of the bridge.

Ambergate rail bridge railing detail

A bit on the side

adding the small vertical struts between the cross braces

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #2

On to the next stage of the Crossdale Tunnel bridge kit. This is to add the small vertical ribs between the cross braces. These are very thin parts which are notched to fit into slots on the sides. They are a bit fiddly to glue in place and take a little patience. I broke two pieces in the process (Grrr!), but I had cut more than I needed anyway (Yay!).

The ribs are a simplification of the real thing but look the part when assembled.

Ambergate rail bridge rib detail

Getting it together

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge

I do love designing for the laser cutter. This time it’s the Crossdale Tunnel bridge. The material for the kit is 1mm thick MDF.

With the components designed and cut I’ve started putting it together. All the parts are a good fit and easily glued with PVA. Beginning to look like the Ambergate bridge already. Although this is only half of the final span.

Just waiting for glue to dry again. Grrrr.

Tunnel face

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Where the ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ breaks out of the cliff face, I have now glued the laser engraved tunnel portal, which I laminated together back in September. It just needs a bit of touching up and some texture adding now.

Clad all over

Laser engraving stonework

Laser engraving stonework

To clad the bridge abutments of the Dales Peak viaduct I’ve turned to the laser cutter again. I am engraving the stone and brick detail onto different thicknesses of card. These are then cut out by the laser and laminated together to give the different levels of relief detail.

Support work

The laser cut abutment for the viaduct taking shape

Laser cutting abutments for the Dales Peak viaduct

I’ve be using the laser cutter to create some bridge abutment parts for the Dales Peak viaduct. The laser does two passes at about 8mA power and at 10mm per second to cut through the 3mm birch plywood.

The pieces are glued together with PVA wood glue and clamped with rubber bands. Once the basic structures are complete I will clad them with laser etched stonework, like the tunnel portal.

Visit the Dales Peak Facebook page to see a short video of the laser cutting the parts

The laser cut viaduct abutments being glued together on the workbench