Riveting stuff

laser engraved rivets

Rivet detail for the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #4

The Crossdale tunnel bridge is looking good as a structure, but has none of the distinctive surface texture of the prototype. To remedy this I have laser engraved some riveted panels onto 400gsm white card. The results in the pic above really stand out in the strong afternoon sunlight.


Bridge out

Making way for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Making way for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Bridge out signI’ve got to a point where I need to consider the next missing bridge. This is the Crossdale Tunnel bridge.

Of course, the first thing to do is to make room for it. Out came the rotary tool and the track was cut and removed. Next my tenon saw made light work of cutting through the track bed. All that done, the way is clear for the new bridge.

The bridge I have in mind for this location will be based on the one at Ambergate in Derbyshire, but on a smaller scale. Another laser cutting project 🙂

Ambergate rail bridge, Derbyshire

Trip, trap, trip, trap

Painting 'Road Bridge 1'

Who’s that painting over my bridge?

No Trolls under this bridge, unless you count grumpy old me. Nothing to be grumpy about though. In fact, I quite enjoyed bringing ‘Road Bridge 1’ to life with a bit of colour. Much more colour and weathering to add yet, of course.

I’m feeling my way into the painting of this stone work, because it will probably set the method and tones for all the other stone work to follow. I just don’t want any billy goats messing thing up.

Tunnel face

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Where the ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ breaks out of the cliff face, I have now glued the laser engraved tunnel portal, which I laminated together back in September. It just needs a bit of touching up and some texture adding now.

Clad all over #2

Cladding the northern viaduct arch

Cladding the northern viaduct arch

I have started gluing the laser etched stone detail to the first viaduct abutment. Other low relief details are then added, etched onto a thicker card. I will add the texture to the stonework at the next stage.