Against the tide

Gluing walls in place around the river

Gluing walls in place around the river

While I’m wait for track to glue, I might as well find something else to glue. Hence, I have cut some MDF pieces to create the walls around the river bridges. I will clad these with a stone finish and top them with coping stones.


Follow the yellow cork road

Track laying follows the cork on the 'Limestone Edge' incline

Track laying follows the cork

After laying the cork on the ‘Limestone Edge’ incline, the track is now following. I have to do it in stages, so that I can cut the inner rail, which gets longer as it takes the curve.

Just waiting for the glue to dry! Again!!!

Reaching the edge

Cork laying finished on the 'Limestone Edge' incline

Cork laying finished on the ‘Limestone Edge’ incline

I’m on the home stretch with the track laying now. I don’t want to think about ballasting it all yet. That’s a nightmare I’ll save for much later on.

I have now laid the cork track bed on the last of the inclines. Only a short stretch of straight track and a few turnouts to join it all up after this.

Of course, that’s not the end of the track laying. I will still have the Dales Peak Quarry and the site at Limestone Edge to lay. You can see a rough layout for the latter in this photo.

Getting in shape

Landscaping around 'Crossdale Tunnel'

Landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’

I keep fitting in odd jobs while I’m waiting for other progress to finish gluing or drying. This time it’s the turn of the landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ and the ‘Greenwater Road Tunnel’. First I added a small piece of MDF where before there had been a hole. Then polystyrene was shaped and laminated to form a rough cliff face.

Hmmm. Now I’ve got to wait for that to glue!

Trip, trap, trip, trap

Painting 'Road Bridge 1'

Who’s that painting over my bridge?

No Trolls under this bridge, unless you count grumpy old me. Nothing to be grumpy about though. In fact, I quite enjoyed bringing ‘Road Bridge 1’ to life with a bit of colour. Much more colour and weathering to add yet, of course.

I’m feeling my way into the painting of this stone work, because it will probably set the method and tones for all the other stone work to follow. I just don’t want any billy goats messing thing up.

What a corker

Cork laying on the 'Limestone Edge' incline

Cork laying on the ‘Limestone Edge’ incline

I’ve succumbed at last, and switched to cork for the trackbed. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. The polystyrene insulation experiment wasn’t that successful, I found.

Anyway, the last push for track completion has begun, by gluing cork underlay to the ‘Limestone Edge’ incline. There has also been another modest step with the landscaping around these parts. Onwards and upwards.

Tunnel face

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Where the ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ breaks out of the cliff face, I have now glued the laser engraved tunnel portal, which I laminated together back in September. It just needs a bit of touching up and some texture adding now.