Year we go again

More landscaping progress

Let me start be wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and I hope you also had a great Christmas.

Well, another year has passed and I still haven’t got a complete model railway, but things are definitely going to change this year. By the end of this year I am determined to have a fully working and landscaped layout.

Talking of landscape, I have completed the foundation of the cliff face for Greenwater station.

I’ve also promised myself that, with more progress, there will also be more blogs for you to read.

Road to nowhere

Landscaping the cement works road

Still working from back to front, I have been landscaping the cement works corner on and off. The background here includes this road to nowhere that suggests a connection to the larger world. The road surface needs smoothing out yet but you get the idea.

Getting browned off

First coat of paint for the landscape

Another little job done. Before I start adding any scatter material I am giving the landscape an undercoat of brown emulsion paint. This is to prevent the raw white of the Polyfilla showing through.

It also helps to visually pull everything together, and give me a better impression of how the contours of the finished layout are going to look.

Smoothing things over

A little scenic progress

As I said, just keeping things ticking over. This time I have started to cover the rough polystyrene scenery, at the back of the layout, with a smooth coat of Polyfilla. This helps to blend everything together and gives me a base to then build the finished landscape on.

Signs of life

Adding the first signs of ballast

Modelling time, as you have probably gathered, has been at a premium recently. Work, unfortunately has to come first though.

Mind you, I did manage to get a bit of ballasting done the other day. My intention is just to keep doing bits here and there to keep things ticking over, until I can find more time to dedicate to modelling.

Lots to do…

Just as a way of focusing my attention on the things that I need to do in the not too distant future, I went around the loft and made a photographic list.

In no particular order I need to…

Foreground landscaping to finish
…finish the foreground landscaping…

Background landscaping to start
…start the background landscaping…

Ballasting to finish
…finish ballasting…

Top half of the load out building to finish
…finish the top half of the load out building…

Load out building sound and lighting to finish
… finish the load out building sound and lighting…

Adjacent module construction to finish
…convert this pile of wood into the adjacent modules…

Need to tidy up as I go along
…oh, and I need to keep the place tidy.

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