Against the tide

Gluing walls in place around the river

Gluing walls in place around the river

While I’m wait for track to glue, I might as well find something else to glue. Hence, I have cut some MDF pieces to create the walls around the river bridges. I will clad these with a stone finish and top them with coping stones.


Getting in shape

Landscaping around 'Crossdale Tunnel'

Landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’

I keep fitting in odd jobs while I’m waiting for other progress to finish gluing or drying. This time it’s the turn of the landscaping around ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ and the ‘Greenwater Road Tunnel’. First I added a small piece of MDF where before there had been a hole. Then polystyrene was shaped and laminated to form a rough cliff face.

Hmmm. Now I’ve got to wait for that to glue!

Tunnel face

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Where the ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ breaks out of the cliff face, I have now glued the laser engraved tunnel portal, which I laminated together back in September. It just needs a bit of touching up and some texture adding now.


Footprint for Dales Peak station

Setting out spaces for stations

Just a small task, but an important one. I have printed off the floor plans for two of the stations and glued these footprints in place, to get an idea of space they occupy. The Dales Peak station will be based on Peak Forest (Top) and Greenwater Wharf will be based on Matlock Bath (Bottom)

Footprint for Greenwater Wharf station

Edge of the world

Elevated ground for the village of Limestone Edge

The final bit of baseboard

This week I have put the battening and supports in place for the final bit of baseboard. This will be the site for the village of ‘Limestone Edge’. The tunnel portals are also in place for the eastern end of ‘Limestone Edge Tunnel’. As soon as I can I want to lay the track through this return incline.

Terraforming on a small scale

More polystyrene landscaping done

More polystyrene landscaping done

As well as fitting temporary bridges, I have also been fleshing out the landscape with more polystyrene. Not quite terraforming Mars, but you can really start to see the shape of the finished layout now.

The drop between the track in the foreground and level one, will be a mix of stone retaining walls and rock face. The drop between level one and two will consist of rock face and landscape.

Ignore the massive boulder on the track in the foreground. Looks like Wile E. Coyote has been up to his ACME tricks again.

Getting touchy feely

Adding stone texture to the road tunnel portal

Adding stone texture

To bring the road tunnel portal to life, I’ve starting adding some stone texture. This is done with a thin mixture of Polyfilla and a small paint brush. It is quite a laborious process, but strangely therapeutic and the result is well worth the effort I think.