Riveting stuff

laser engraved rivets

Rivet detail for the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #4

The Crossdale tunnel bridge is looking good as a structure, but has none of the distinctive surface texture of the prototype. To remedy this I have laser engraved some riveted panels onto 400gsm white card. The results in the pic above really stand out in the strong afternoon sunlight.


Half way there

Half of Crossdale Tunnel bridge assembled

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #4

Well that’s the first half of Crossdale Tunnel bridge assembled and no, I’m not ‘living on a prayer’. Now I’ve ironed out the wrinkles it’s on to the second half. I’ve just got to laser cut another set of parts.

Railing against the bridge

Railings laser cut for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #3

For the railings on the sides of the bridge I have used two materials. Firstly, I have laser cut a framework of 1mm MDF to support the decorative ironwork. Secondly, the lattice railings are laser cut from thin card. Again, these are a simplification of the real thing but, hopefully, will capture the character of the bridge.

Ambergate rail bridge railing detail

A bit on the side

adding the small vertical struts between the cross braces

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge #2

On to the next stage of the Crossdale Tunnel bridge kit. This is to add the small vertical ribs between the cross braces. These are very thin parts which are notched to fit into slots on the sides. They are a bit fiddly to glue in place and take a little patience. I broke two pieces in the process (Grrr!), but I had cut more than I needed anyway (Yay!).

The ribs are a simplification of the real thing but look the part when assembled.

Ambergate rail bridge rib detail

Getting it together

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Assembling the Crossdale Tunnel bridge

I do love designing for the laser cutter. This time it’s the Crossdale Tunnel bridge. The material for the kit is 1mm thick MDF.

With the components designed and cut I’ve started putting it together. All the parts are a good fit and easily glued with PVA. Beginning to look like the Ambergate bridge already. Although this is only half of the final span.

Just waiting for glue to dry again. Grrrr.

Bridge out

Making way for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Making way for Crossdale Tunnel bridge

Bridge out signI’ve got to a point where I need to consider the next missing bridge. This is the Crossdale Tunnel bridge.

Of course, the first thing to do is to make room for it. Out came the rotary tool and the track was cut and removed. Next my tenon saw made light work of cutting through the track bed. All that done, the way is clear for the new bridge.

The bridge I have in mind for this location will be based on the one at Ambergate in Derbyshire, but on a smaller scale. Another laser cutting project 🙂

Ambergate rail bridge, Derbyshire

A bit of a grey day

Undercoating Rail bridge 1

Undercoating Rail bridge 1

Way back in mid 2016, I got my really handy spray booth, but it’s taken until now to use it for the first time in anger. When I set up the fume extraction for the laser cutter I also included a hose for the spray booth.

Until now I’ve been perfectly happy to use a spray can outdoors. This time, however, the weather was against me and it was time to try out the spray booth properly. I must say, it worked like a dream. Rail bridge 1 has had it’s first undercoat. I’m sure the spray booth will get far more use now it’s been proven.