Tunnel face

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Crossdale Tunnel portal

Where the ‘Crossdale Tunnel’ breaks out of the cliff face, I have now glued the laser engraved tunnel portal, which I laminated together back in September. It just needs a bit of touching up and some texture adding now.


Got it together

Tunnel portal parts assembled

Making tunnel portals #3

All the laser cut parts for the tunnel portal have been glued together now. I just need to add a little texture and paint to it. There’s quite a bit of stone work on this layout to be done the same way. Wharf walls, retaining walls, bridge abutments, etc.

Tunnel beetle

Gluing the tunnel portal parts

Making tunnel portals #2

Finally got around to laser cutting all the other parts of the tunnel portal that I mentioned in Tom, Dick and Harry.

All the parts are engraved into, and cut of, thick card. I’m gluing them together with PVA glue and created this scary looking tunnel beetle in the process.

Laser cut tunnel portal parts

A touch above

Dales Peak tunnel portal being glued in place

Tunnelling below Dales Peak Quarry

Although not very prototypical, I make no apologies for setting two tunnels so close together and above each other. It’s the only practical way to get so much model railway into the space I’ve got.

Anyway, after a short family holiday, I’m back creating landscape at one end of the layout, while I’m waiting for track to glue at the other. As you can see, the tunnel portal below the Dales Peak Quarry is being fixed in place, along with pieces of MDF to form the floor of the quarry.

Got to wait for all that to glue now as well. Grrr

Tom, Dick and Harry

Laser cut tunnel portal

Making tunnel portals

There are three tunnels so far on Dales Peak and that reminded me of the Great Escape during World War II. They dug three tunnels to escape from the POW camp and named them Tom, Dick and Harry.

Anyway, I digress. The fact is, while I’m waiting for track to glue, I’ve started experimenting with the laser cutter to create some tunnel portals.

By testing various combinations of power and speed I was able to laser cut the dressed stone pattern into some thick card and then run a cutting path around it. Just got to cut the various other pieces to build up the different layers.

Going underground

Cover for the corner tunnel in place

Tunnel construction begins on ‘Dales Peak’

And the public gets what the public wants… tunnel construction on ‘Dales Peak’. No? Oh well, please yourself.

Anyway, as a quick break from bridge building I decided to create the top to the first tunnel. I hacked a bit of cardboard to the right shape first then used that as a template. I was able to take advantage of the recent mild weather and jigsaw the MDF to shape outside.

This will also form the base for the corner scenery. It just needed a few extra uprights cutting from two by one to support it and that was job done.

Little jobs like this really make a big difference.

The corner tunnel cover will form the upper scenic base

Tunnel on track

First section of track laid and MDF tunnel portal fitted

Actually started laying track now. The first section of Peco Code 100 track with concrete sleepers has been glued into place. The MDF tunnel portal has also been fixed over the track. It’s good to see some track going down at last, after almost a year of construction. Feels like progress!

The first section of track curves out of sight through the tunnel portal