Old loft track plans

This is the current track plan

This is the current track plan

This is the current track plan, but it changes as the layout progresses and as I refine what I want from it. The track plan is continually evolving and I enjoy planning the layout as much as building it. It is drawn up in Adobe Illustrator at 1:10th scale and divided into 180mm squares, which I can print out individually. These are then pasted directly onto the layout to give me a guide to work to.

As I expand and refine the track plan I will upload the latest version to this page and do a post to draw attention to it.


3 thoughts on “Old loft track plans

  1. nice layout you got going here like the lenz aswell 🙂 and love the quarry make over well the building re vamp my friend who lives in the usa also has one of the same buildings but in n scale and he airbrushed it and did simlar to you with it and well his turned out great and the way yours is going it looks to be turning out better 🙂

    • Thank you Nathan. I’m pretty pleased with the way the Quarry building is going at the moment, and with progress on the layout generally. Glad you liked it.


  2. 🙂 I am very happy woth the way this layout has progresed honestly it is going to be beautifull i am realy looking forwad to some scenery pictures of the baseboards and the track that has been layed with scenics and stuff it will look fab have you considered making an exibition layout ? thx NATHAN

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