Loft track plan – Original

The track plan here is the trackplan for the Mk4 ‘Dales Peak’ layout, the Mk5 track plan was the final loft version. I think it is worth keeping this old track plan here because it is still relative to the older posts on the blog.

Dales Peak track plan - Mk4

Dales Peak track plan – Mk4

There were two levels to the layout. The lower level track is in red and the upper level in purple, with the inclines in yellow.

Track progress – For the old track plan

The old track plan is a vision of how the finished layout was intended to look, but this is a record of how far that vision progressed.

Just to keep things in perspective, and to make it obvious how much work there was still to do, I have ‘ghosted’ the track plan of the complete layout in the background.

Old track plan progress

Old track plan progress

So, the black track represents the extent of track laid, with track highlighted in yellow denoting that previously laid, and red highlighted track being the latest additions.


4 thoughts on “Loft track plan – Original

  1. hi there, what a lovely layout. i was just wondering which software you used for the track plan as yours looks very detailed and easy to understand? many thanks, chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Pleased you like the layout. I’m a graphic designer by trade so I used Adobe Illustrator to do the track plan, which one of the softwares I use in my ‘Day Job’. It’s about £400 to buy, but it is a very powerfull drawing tool.


  2. hi ian. thanks for that info. i am currently moving my railway down from out of the loft into spare bedroom and i wondered how you made the track templates? yours look good on your layout so you follow them easier as you come to lay the track. thanks, chris

    • Hi Chris,

      I originally drew up my track templates in Adobe Illustrator, (which I use for my day job), because they weren’t available digitally at the time. However, now you can download the Peco turnout plans directly from the Peco website. Hope this helps.


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