‘Dales Peak’ moves to ‘The Railway Shed’

The final Dales Peak

Gone but not forgotten

There have only been a few posts on ‘Dales Peak’ recently because I have decided to move this final version of ‘Dales Peak’ to a blog of its own. There have already been two previous versions of ‘Dales Peak’ on this blog, the loft layout and the first shed layout. They will remain here for all to look back on.

The final version of ‘Dales Peak’ started at the beginning of the now notorious 2020 and I want to keep it separate from the previous versions. To that end, I have started a new blog:

All the posts from the beginning of 2020, and the start of construction, have been copied over to the new blog and all new posts will continue there.

So, if you have enjoyed following my progress on ‘Dales Peak’ I hope you will join me on ‘The Railway Shed’. There is also a YouTube page for ‘The Railway Shed’ on which you will be able to watch videos of my progress and workbench projects.

Thank you very much for all the support and I look forward to seeing you all in The Railway Shed.

Happy modelling, Ian Robins

A bracing afternoon

Bracing on the lift up section

Reinforcing the lift up section

The only issue I have had with the lift up section so far, has been its ability to flex when lifting from one side. It has meant grabbing both sides of the section and pulling up simultaneously. A bit awkward and not ideal.

The answer has been to fit a couple of diagonal braces on the underside. Eureka it works! No more flex, and I can lift it up on one side with just one hand.

Take away pieces

Parts for the station cut

Over the weekend I laser cut some of the parts for ‘Crossdale’ station. These are all 3mm birch plywood and will form all the outer and inner walls. To keep all the parts together, I find the containers that you get take away food in really useful. As long as you clean them well that is.

Plastered again

Adding surface to the platform

I decided to switch to plaster for this element of the platform. The air drying clay was taking a long time to dry thanks to the shite weather we’re having. This is just a rough plaster coat which I will sand down and touch up where necessary.

I want to get this section done so that I have a flat base to put my station building on.

More on edge

Adding more detail to the platforms

Just added another run of laser cut coping slabs along the edge of the ‘Crossdale’ platform. This is a continuation on the other side of the lift up section. This didn’t take too long to do, but there are a lot more to do on the opposite platform.

Seasonal work

Wood staining the shed

There hasn’t been much interesting to blog about this past week in the shed. Mostly because I have been concentrating on wiring up the new command station, which isn’t very photogenic.

There was one important job that had to be tackled before the bad weather really sets in. Namely, giving the outside of the shed its annual coat of wood stain. It’s scrubbed up well again!

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